Stephanie Meyers, Personal Trainer, Missoula
Stephanie Meyers, Personal Trainer
Missoula Personal Trainer, Stephanie Meyers


Stephanie Meyers, CPT

I was born and raised in NE Philadelphia. In High School I started to really explore exercise, starting with long walks with my mom around the neighborhood, to kickboxing tapes, to riding my bike, to finally, during senior year, training for my first full marathon in Dublin, Ireland. I fell in love with exercise and health, and how it enhanced my life.When choosing a place for college, I closed my eyes and pointed in a college book, and my finger landed on The University of Montana. Since I had not been past Ohio, I thought I would see what the West had to offer. After two years at the University of Montana studying English and Dance, I decided to solely focus on Personal Training.

I have been training clients since 2007. My certifications include ACE Personal Fitness Training, ACE Group Fitness, Cycling, Zumba, Pilates, and Barre. I believe that Fitness and Health are key components to living a full and quality life. Exercise has been a huge influence in my life, teaching me how to be strong, confident, work hard, feel good, and persevere. These are the values I want to impart to others through training. It is important to me to reach towards one’s highest potential, and fulfill one’s goals. Sometimes, you just need an extra push, and I love being that push 🙂